Currently I am lecturer at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), and I am former teacher at the Barcelona School of Informatics (FIB), at the Spanish National Open University (UNED) and the Valencia International University (VIU).

Lecturing Courses

Current Courses

  • Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona (FIB-UPC): Operating Systems, Data-Centers [Autumn'18]
  • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC): Distributed Machine Learning (Master on Big Data Analytics) [Spring'18,'19]

Former Courses

  • Universitat Internacional de València (VIU + UPC): Data Driven Security (Master on CyberSecurity) [Autumn'16,'17]
  • Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED): Digital Electronics [Autumn'13,'14,'15], Computer Engineering I [Spring'15,'16,'17], DataBases [Spring'14,'15,'16,'17], Object-Oriented Application Design [Spring'16]
  • Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona (FIB-UPC): Information Retrieval [Autumn'11]


Ph.D. and M.Sc. Students

  • Lev Denisov, M.Sc. Student. Started on July 2018.
  • Gonzalo Gómez Sánchez, Ph.D. Thesis. Started on May 2018.
  • Alberto Gutierrez Torre, Ph.D. Thesis. Started on May 2017.
  • Shuja-ur-Rehman Baig, Ph.D. Thesis. Started on March 2016.
  • David Buchaca Prat, Ph.D. Thesis. Started on September 2015.

Former Students

  • Gonzalo Gómez Sánchez, M.Sc. Thesis.
    → Master in Artificial Intelligence, "Unsupervised Clustering for Mining Patterns in Genomic Dataset". Lectured on April 2018. LINK
  • Katsiaryna Krasnashchok, M.Sc. Thesis.
    → Master Erasmus Mundus in IT4BigData, "Mining Patterns in Genomic Datasets Containing Chained Chromosomal Rearrangements". Lectured on September 2017. Top 2nd Best Thesis award.
  • Alberto Gutierrez Torre
    → Master in Innovationand Research in Informatics, "Discovering Ship Navigation Patterns towards Environmental Impact Modeling". Lectured on May 2017. LINK
    → Engineering Degree in Computer Science (5 year degree), "Learning user behaviours from website visit profiling". Lectured on June 2014. LINK
  • Jordi Roldàn Llinàs
    → Engineering Degree in Computer Science (5 year degree), "Simulation and modeling of Cloud environments for experimentation with machine learning". Lectured on June 2010. LINK

Guests and Mentoring

  • Kiyana Bahadori, as Ph.D. candidate visitor from University of Padova, IT. 2018.
  • Joan Marcual, as M.Sc. Student, finished his M.Sc. at GeorgiaTech, USA. 2017-2018.


  • PRACE Advanced Training Courses (BSC): Big Data Analytics using Apache Spark
    → Barcelona, Spain, February 9th, 2017. PDF
    → Barcelona, Spain, February 7th, 2018. PDF
  • RDA Europe Spring School on Weather, Climate and Air Quality (BSC): Big Data Analytics using Apache Spark Barcelona, Spain, May 26, 2017. PDF
  • System Performance Evaluation, Master in Information Technologies - UPC, Seminar: "Power-aware Multi-DataCenter Management using Machine Learning" Barcelona, Spain, October 09, 2013. PDF
  • European Master in Distributed Computing – UPC, Seminar: "Adaption and Learning on Data-Centers and Cloud Systems" Barcelona, Spain, May 13, 2011. PDF