Education Projects

Intel-AI"AI and Predictive Analytics in Data-Center Environments", awarded by the Intel Academic Education Mindshare Initiative for AI2019 - 2020

Lecturing and Seminars

I am lecturer of machine learning and computer engineering related subjects. I have been at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), the Barcelona School of Informatics (FIB), the Spanish National Open University (UNED) and the Valencia International University (VIU).

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)
Distributed Machine LearningMaster on Big Data Management & Analytics-18 Hours (Load)Edition '18,'19,'20,'21
Data AnalyticsPostgraduate Course on Big Data-54 Hours (Load)Edition '20-S,'20-A

Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona (FIB-UPC)
Operating SystemsDegree InformaticsEHEA6 ECTSAutumn '18
Data-CentersDegree InformaticsEHEA6 ECTSAutumn '18, Spr/Atm '20
Information RetrievalInformatics Engineeringpre-EHEA6 ECTSAutumn '11

Universitat Internacional de València (VIU + UPC)
Data Driven SecurityMaster on CyberSecurity-3,5 ECTSAutumn '16,'17

Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)
Object-Oriented Application DesignDegree InformaticsEHEA6 ECTSSpring '16
Computer Engineering IDegree InformaticsEHEA6 ECTSSpring '15,'16,'17
DataBasesDegree InformaticsEHEA6 ECTSSpring '14,'15,'16,'17
Digital ElectronicsDegree InformaticsEHEA6 ECTSAutumn '13,'14,'15

I also make courses on "Big Data and Machine Learning platforms", one of the most relevants at the PRACE Advanced Training Courses from the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe international association, in which the Barcelona Supercomputing Center is member.

Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Big Data Analytics using Apache SparkPRACE Advanced Training CoursesWinter '17,'18,'19,'20PDF
 RDA Europe Spring School on Weather, Climate and Air QualitySpring '17PDF
Cloud Computing, Master in Informatcs Engineering (UPC): "AI between the Edge and Cloud"Barcelona, Spain, February 24th, 2020.PDF
System Performance Evaluation, Master in Information Technologies (UPC): "Power-aware Multi-DataCenter Management using Machine Learning"Barcelona, Spain, October 9th, 2013.PDF
System Performance Evaluation, European Master in Distributed Computing (UPC): "Adaption and Learning on Data-Centers and Cloud Systems"Barcelona, Spain, May 13th, 2011.PDF

Students and Theses Supervision

Current Students

Claudia Herron MuletB.Sc. ThesisStarted September 2020
Felipe Albuquerque PortellaPh.D. ThesisStarted October 2018
Gonzalo Gómez SánchezPh.D. ThesisStarted on May 2018
Alberto Gutierrez TorrePh.D. ThesisStarted on May 2017

Former Students

David Buchaca PratPh.D. Thesis"Learning workload behaviour models from monitored time-series for resource estimation towards data center optimization", Doctoral Programme on Computer Architecture. Awarded Excellent Cum Laude. LINKLec. January 2021
Marc Ortega AguascaM.Sc. Thesis"Identificación y reconstrucción de trazas con datos de cámaras cenitales", Master in Data Science, URL - LaSalleLec. July 2020
Shuja-ur-Rehman BaigPh.D. Thesis"Data Center's Telemetry Reduction and Prediction through Modelling Techniques", Doctoral Programme on Computer Architecture. Awarded Excellent. LINKLec. December 2019
Lev DenisovM.Sc. Thesis"Platform for Analysis and Forecasting of Exhaust Emissions of Marine Traffic", Master Erasmus Mundus in Big Data Management and Analytics.Lec. August 2019
Gonzalo Gómez SánchezM.Sc. Thesis"Unsupervised Clustering for Mining Patterns in Genomic Dataset", Master in Artificial Intelligence. LINKLec. April 2018
Katsiaryna KrasnashchokM.Sc. Thesis"Mining Patterns in Genomic Datasets Containing Chained Chromosomal Rearrangements", Master Erasmus Mundus in IT4BigData. Top 2nd Best Thesis Award.Lec. September 2017
Alberto Gutiérrez TorreM.Sc. Thesis"Discovering Ship Navigation Patterns towards Environmental Impact Modeling", Master in Innovationand Research in Informatics. LINKLec. May 2017
Alberto Gutiérrez TorreEng. Thesis"Learning user behaviours from website visit profiling", Engineering Degree in Informatics (pre-EHEA 5 year degree). LINKLec. June 2014
Jordi Roldán LlinàsEng. Thesis"Simulation and modeling of Cloud environments for experimentation with machine learning", Engineering Degree in Informatics (pre-EHEA 5 year degree). LINKLec. June 2010

Guests and Mentoring

  • Carlos Mougan, as M.Sc. Student from UAB, ES. 2019.
  • Kiyana Bahadori, as Ph.D. candidate visitor from University of Padova, IT. 2018-2019.
  • Joan Marcual, as M.Sc. Student, finished his M.Sc. at GeorgiaTech, USA. 2017-2018.